About Us


Our company is committed to being a light in the world by spreading the love of God in every aspect of our life. Being a believer is more than a decision its a lifestyle and here at Honour Co. we have all of your Christian lifestyle essentials.

In 2020 our founder MaryJane realized that the world was in desperate need of God’s light. In noticing this shift she decided to take action to continue to let the light of God shine in this dark and lost world. As believers we are the light bearers of the world that means we represent God’s light with our whole being which includes our image, voice and our actions.



At Honour Co. we are also committed to being a blessing to others by giving 10% of the processed of every item sold to Christian charities, organizations and families in need. We are more than a brand we are a movement for Christ. And being a movement for Christ is all about sharing His love by being a blessing. The Bible says in Matthew 6:3 not to left your right hand know what your left hand is doing. This is not for show or reward, everything we do is to bring glory and honor to God!



 Our logo has meaning! Did you know the "H" with the "I" down the middle is ancient symbol for Jesus! Back then this symbol was used as shorthand for Jesus. How awesome is that! So Jesus is in our logo!